Orly Mirrorball

I stopped into Sally’s yesterday and was lucky enough to find the last bottle of Orly’s Mirrorball!

Mirrorbally is from Orly’s Holiday 2014 Sparkle Collection so I was lucky I was able to find it, considering nail bloggers have been raving about this polish.

Here are some quotes from a few popular nail bloggers:


“Mirrorball has both large and small silver holographic glitter suspended in sheer base. The holographic effect is scattered; which I prefer, and not super in your face. It’s just so lovely.” –The Daily Varnish

“Mirrorball is a silver linear holo sprinkled with holographic glitter. This is the polish I had been wanting from the collection and boy…it did not disappoint! This is the best polish Orly has done in a while…I hope other mainstream brands do similar polishes! The formula was good, it was a touch sheer but built easily and was opaque in 3 coats.” –The PolishAholic

“It has a medium consistency, but is slightly viscous and sticks to itself a little bit. That said, it actually goes over the nail really nicely, and is very forgiving! I had a good level of opacity in two coats, and I was pretty happy with the formula overall!” –Polish Hound


The photo here is two coats of Mirrorball, and the photo is from artificial light.

Orly's MirrorballOverall, I really like this polish and can see myself using it a lot for nail art.

Generally I’m not a fan of mixed glitter sizes, but Orly has done a perfect job in adding just the right amount.

Pick it up if you find it in store!  You can find it on Amazon as well below.

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