Nail Care For Beginners

Nail Care for Beginners

There’s nothing more exciting than nailing your polish application or nail art creation.

You then go to take a photo to post on IG or Pinterest and realize “Oh crap, my cuticles look like crap.”

If you are somewhat new to the nail art world, you most likely have experienced this.

Unfortunately, no matter how amazing your art is, it will be outshined by uneven nails and raggedy cuticles.

You will quickly realize that nail and hand care are crucial to nail art. We thought we would put together our Nail Care for Beginners Guide to get you on the fast track to gorgeous and healthy looking nails.  (And for the record, we made all of these mistakes when we first started).

Nail Care for Beginners

nail care for beginners

1.  Water is NOT your friend

This was probably one of our biggest mistakes!  We would spend so much time soaking our nails before giving ourselves a manicure.  The truth is though that water actually makes your nails weaker.  Combine them being soaked, and then filing them…it just makes us cringe at the damage we were doing.

Keep this in mind as well when you are doing household chores, such as dishwashing or cleaning the bathrooms.  Always make sure you have gloves you can use.  Or, better yet, don’t do any cleaning 😉


2.  Keep your nails polished at all times

Keeping polish on your nails at all times creates a barrier to keep your nails strong and growing.  If you don’t have time to always be painting your nails, at least apply a clear coat of polish every few days.  Trust us, we notice a HUGE difference when our nails aren’t polished.


3.  Do not pick at, bite, or cut your cuticles

There’s nothing worse than sitting at work or in class, and realizing you have a major piece of cuticle sticking up.  Before you raise that nail to bite it off, stop and think about two things:  First, gross.  Imagine how many germs are sitting on your finger right now, and Second, the second you get that thing off, it’s going to create a terrible cycle of cuticle biting that you can’t stop.

Since we stopped picking/biting/cutting our cuticles, they have settled down and become much nicer.  Not to mention, we catch far fewer colds during the winter months.


4.  Keep your nails out of your mouth

Similar to above, the bottom line is if you want to have nice nails, you have got to stop biting them.


5.  File your nails in one direction

It’s safe to say that you are probably conditioned to filing your nails in both directions (think of using a saw, the back and forth motion).  If you want healthy nails, you must stop doing this!  Yes, it takes a little bit more time, but it’s worth it in the end.


6.  Do not buff your nails more than once a month

We love buffing our nails.  They always look so pretty after.  Unfortunately, when you buff your nails, you are actually removing layers of nail.  This of course leads to thin nails.  Do yourselves a favor and stay away from the buffer.


7.  Apply moisturizer and cuticle oil often

Admittingly, we do not do this as often as we should.  At the very minimum, apply both before bed.  Best is to aim for applying 2-3 times a day.  Your cuticles will thank you.  We like OPI’s Avoplex Cuticle Oil.  It smells nice and is convenient for your purse.


8.  Be mindful, patient, and slow down

We get it, we all lead very busy lifestyles.  But, if you want to have gorgeous nails, you must be mindful of what you are doing in your daily activities.  Stop using your nails as tools (picking price tags or sticky stuff, opening a pop can, opening mail, etc).  This is one of the easiest ways to break a nail.

Also, just slow down.  Think about it, usually one of your nails breaks when you are in a rush to do something (ours tends to be when putting on a seatbelt).  Just slow down.


Since we started following these Nail Care Rules, we see a huge difference in our nails.

Are there any Nail Care for Beginner tips that we missed?  We would love to hear your suggestions below!





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