Easter Nail Art

Easter is right around the corner!  We found this new Nail Art Tutorial by MissJenFabulous that gives you some great idease for your Easter Nail Art.

In this video, she creates some Easter Eggs, an Easter Bunny, and some cute Carrots.

The colors and tools needed in this tutorial you most likely have in your collection already.  Of course you can change the colors up, but the colors you definitely need are:

  • Black (bunny whiskers and eyes)
  • Pink (bunny cheeks)
  • White (bunny)
  • Orange (carrots)
  • Green (carrot tops)

That being said, you could probably also get away with changing most of the colors up above as well (except for the orange and green- otherwise your carrots may end up looking like something totally different).

Here are some of our suggestions:

  • Instead of black, use grey or purple
  • Instead of pink, use orange or yellow
  • Instead of white, use light pink or grey


Easter Nail Art


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