Christmas Gift Ideas For Nail Art Lovers: Part 2

Christmas Gift Ideas for Nail Art Lovers

Choosing gifts is never an easy task.  If you have to purchase something for a nail art lover though, you may be in luck.

A few things to think about when considering a gift for a nail art lover:

  • How long have they been doing nail art?
  • Where do they learn their nail art?
  • Do they have a nail art website?

These are some really simple questions that may lead you to some great gifts for your nail art lover.

How long have they been doing nail art?

If their nail art journey has just begun, it is safe to say that they probably do not have many nail art tools.  In this case, dotting tools or nail art brushes may be your answer.

Another idea is a stamping kit.  Stamping is an awesome, easy way to create beautiful nail art.

Where do they learn their nail art?

There are so many various outlets that people can learn nail art – Instagram, YouTube, and other nail art sites.

There are some new monthly nail art tutorial subscription services popping up- for example, Neiru.

Do not forget, there are various books that can be extremely helpful:

Do they have a nail art website?

If your nail art lover has a nail art website (or, is thinking of making one), a great idea would be to buy them a domain name and hosting account.  This can be a very inexpensive, yet unique gift!  You can buy domains and hosting accounts from places like GoDaddy or Hostgator.

If they already have a site, you could buy them a gift card to a theme website. is a great site, with thousands of themes to choose from.


Have any other gift ideas?  We would love to know in the comments below!

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