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Calling all Nail Art for Beginners!  We are hosting a giveaway on our Instagram account, so if you are on there, be sure to check it out.  Best of luck to everyone <3 You can follow us here:

Nail Stamping Pros and Cons

Nail Stamping

Here at Nail Art For Beginners we have a somewhat love/hate relationship with nail stamping. When it turns out good, it’s really good. But when it turns out bad, it is just frustrating. If you are new to nail stamping,…

Basic Manicure Kit

manicure kit

The more nail art you start doing, the more you will notice that you will be obsessed with having well-manicured nails.  We have created a Basic Manicure Kit to show you some of the musts that we need to have…

Basic Nail Art Kit

nail art kit

Anyone that does nail art seems to have some basics that they have to have.  We decided to put together what we would consider a Basic Nail Art Kit.  Of course it will differ depending on your needs, but these…

Introduction to dotting tools

how to use a dotting tool

Dotting tools are probably one of the first tools that anyone will purchase when they first get into nail art. They may seem self explanatory, however, they can take some time to get use to. If you haven’t purchased dotting…