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Just saw these nails on IG and absolutely HAD to post them.  They are by @cottonconey. Unfortunately no tutorial yet but I’ll keep my eyes open. Enjoy!

Top 10 OPI Colors

top 10 opi colors

I’m not sure about you, but I tend to think about nail polish…a lot. The other day, I found myself pondering the question, “I wonder what OPI colors are most popular?”  Don’t ask me why, but I was. Of course…


Instagram Giveaway

Calling all Nail Art for Beginners!  We are hosting a giveaway on our Instagram account, so if you are on there, be sure to check it out.  Best of luck to everyone <3 You can follow us here:

Best Nail Art on Instagram

Here at Nail Art for Beginners, we have decided to do a new weekly feature: A round up of the Best Nail Art on Instagram this week. Instagram is such an awesome place to find talented Nail Art enthusiasts.  There…