Basic Nail Art Kit

nail art kit

Anyone that does nail art seems to have some basics that they have to have.  We decided to put together what we would consider a Basic Nail Art Kit.  Of course it will differ depending on your needs, but these have been best for us.

1.  Dotting tools – you can purchase “official” dotting tools or

2.  Pencils, bobby pins, and toothpicks work too!

3.  Nail art brushes.  They are inexpensive, yet crucial for nail art.  You can also use paint brushes.

4.  Cosmetic sponges and Q-tips.  Sponges are a must for creating a gradient look.  Use Q-tips for mistakes and clean up.

5.  Nail wheels – they may seem like a bit expensive (they generally run approx. $8 for 10 wheels), but they are great for practice.  They are also wonderful for cataloguing your nail polish collection.

6.  Synthetic brush for clean up.  They are much more precise than Q-tips.  They can be found at the dollar store.

What are some of your favourite nail art kit necessities?  We would love to hear in the comments below!


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