10 Ways to Remove Nail Polish – With and Without Removers

Meliney has created a tutorial to show you 10 different ways to remove your nail polish (with and without polish).

We will admit, we have never actually watched any of Meliney’s videos before, however, we will definitely be starting!  Not only does she have great tips/tricks, and tutorials, we find her accent so soothing! :)

We were a little skeptic about the ways she was going to show us how to remove nail polish without polish remover, but she wowed us!

One method includes using actual nail polish to remove nail polish (you will have to watch to see!).

Our other favourite part of the video is when she says to use rubbing alcohol to remove polish.  She then notes that rubbing alcohol is not the same as the alcohol you drink, so do not go and start pouring vodka on your nails.  We could not help but laugh out loud! :)

Be sure to check out her video below.


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